Keep more of your hard-earned customers

Keeping customers is much cheaper than acquiring new customers. But the options for helping your customers remember your business often seem limited. Repair Fresheners™ is helping automotive business take advantage of a form advertising that will literally dangle in front of your customers' eyes for hours each day - high quality, custom-printed air fresheners with your business branding.

We understand your automotive business needs and offer the most competitive pricing because we're the only company specializing in automotive services air fresheners. We help businesses large and small retain more customers by making customer retention not only more affordable but also more effective. 

It's simple, really.

1. Design fresheners

Put your brand & design on a stylish freshener

2. Hand 'EM Out

Give fresheners to
your loyal customers

3. Be Remembered

Customers remember
you each time they drive

4. Grow your biz

Customers return and
become repeat customers

Perfect for automotive businesses like yours

Auto repair shops use Repair Fresheners:

If you’re like most shops, upwards of 80% of your revenue comes from repeat customers. That makes it clear that customer retention is more than important, it’s crucial for your shop to be successful. That’s where we want to help.

Believe it or not, drivers don’t want to worry about where to take their car the next time it breaks down. Repair shops give customers repair fresheners™ as a parting gift that empower them to remember you for their next vehicle service. For less than $1, customers will have yet another reason to tell their friends and family where they go for service.

Dealer service centers use Repair Fresheners:

With the elevated value of a dealership service customer over a typical repair shop’s customer, the cost to acquire a new customer is higher and can exceed $300 per new customer. Let’s talk about saving money and keeping customers coming back!

As a dealership service center you play a critical role for customers that purchase vehicles from you or come to your shop for certified vehicle service. By handing out custom-designed repair fresheners™ to your customers, customers now have tangible proof wherever they drive you’re “their dealership” all for less than $1 and a kind gesture from the dealership.

Auto body shops use Repair Fresheners:

If you asked any of your customers when the next time they will ding their door or (God forbid) get into an accident, most wouldn’t know. Auto body shops like yours thrive on being creative and taking advantage of top-of-mind advertising to keep customers coming back. Does “your brand hanging in front of the customer while they drive” sound top-of-mind enough?

Repair Fresheners™ were designed as a specialty product for auto body shops to achieve happy, repeat customers. Let’s take the guesswork out of customer retention and help customers remember the excellent service your shop provided. For less than $1 per customer your brand will be dangling all over town & smelling awesome.

Tire service centers use Repair Fresheners:

It’s not easy being the business people come to when they are in trouble! It’s much better when customers are increasingly repeat customers with positive expectations and less fear. Just because customers only come for tire-related activity doesn’t mean you can’t grow your business with high customer retention.

By giving customers a powerful retention & branding tool like a Repair Freshener™, customers won’t even need to worry the next time they look for the name of the tire shop that “saved them.” For less than $1 per customer, customers won’t only be thinking of you, they’ll be smelling you!

Eye-catching quality & design 


Make your freshener pop with your logo and a vibrant color. Customers will love it.


What's an air freshener without a great selection of scents? Pick from any of the most popular scents.

3-Diamond™ shape

The 3-Diamond™ shape appeals to your customers in a unique, modern way.

Top Engineering
& Design Quality

Each freshener is built exceeding industry standards to really "Wow!" your customers.

It starts with great service and ends
with looking (and smelling) incredible

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